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Arizona Fights Water Challenges With Craft Beer

Climate change, population growth and continued drought have all brought stress to water supplies in Arizona – as such, Arizona has been exploring different solutions to this water crisis from supplementing groundwater supplies to water reuse.

In 2016, Arizona’s Pima County issued a “Water Innovation Challenge” where five teams pitched solutions to advance a sustainable water future for a town, city, county, tribal area or region. The winning solution was Pima County’s Southwest Water Campus entry below:

Pima County Gets More Fluent About Effluent – With Beer!

Pima County realized that one of the biggest challenges with water reuse was not technological – instead it was public perception and the obvious yuck factor that goes along with water reuse. Their unique entry addressed this issue in a demonstrative way – with beer.

Pima County will construct a mobile potable reuse water treatment system that will travel throughout Arizona – partnering with local wastewater facilities and brewers to produce high-quality water and craft beer.

Trojan Technologies is proud to be providing the UV disinfection technology for this mobile potable reuse treatment. The UV system will ensure that water being used in the beer making process is free of any microbes and contaminants.

The highlight of this project will be the “Clear Water Brew Challenge” at the Annual WateReuse Symposium in Phoenix this September 10 -13, 2017, where each craft brew will compete.

February 15, 2017 | TrojanUV

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