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Australia’s Largest UV Treatment System

Trojan Technologies and Aquatec-Maxcon PTY Ltd., have been selected by the Eastern Tertiary Alliance to provide the UV inactivation system for the Eastern Treatment Plant Tertiary Upgrade Project in Melbourne, Australia. Trojan will be supplying seven closed vessel UV chambers equipped with revolutionary TrojanUV Solo Lamp® Technology. The UV system will inactivate average and peak tertiary-treated effluent flows of 380 and 700 million liters (101 and 187 million gallons) per day respectively, making it the largest UV installation in Australia to date.

The objective of the upgrade project is to significantly improve the quality of treated water at the plant. This will further reduce the impact associated with the current discharge quality on the receiving marine environment Boags Rocks, near Gunnamatta Beach, as well as produce a high quality recycled water resource which can be used for a broader range of non-potable recycling applications. These include residential third-pipe schemes (e.g., toilet flushing, garden watering, car washing), watering public gardens, open areas and sports grounds, and irrigating food crops.

“This is the kind of environmental solution we’re proud to be part of; one that will have immediate positive impact on aquatic life and recreational waters,” says Marv DeVries, President, Trojan Technologies.

The Owner, Melbourne Water, had specific requirements for this project, all of which were met by the successful team of Trojan and Aquatec-Maxcon. These included:

  • An energy efficient solution with the lowest UV lamp count
  • A sustainable water treatment solution with reduced carbon emissions
  • Local sales and service support personnel from a highly reputable manufacturer
  • A state-of-the-art system that would undergo industry best practice validation and meet the delivery times set out by the project team

“Trojan is a company driven by innovation. Our flexible, customer-centered approach combined with Aquatec-Maxcon’s comprehensive local input enabled us to provide Melbourne Water with this leading-edge solution,” says Jennifer Muller, director, municipal markets, Trojan Technologies. “Further recognizing that this would be the largest UV installation in Australia, this project was of paramount importance to Trojan in demonstrating our global leadership and strong commitment to addressing water scarcity issues around the world.”

January 19, 2011 | TrojanUV

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