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BlueTech Selects Trojan Papers Among Top 100 Of WEFTEC 2016

The rate of generation of knowledge and information is increasing exponentially. In the water industry, papers presented at water conferences every year represent the most current body of knowledge in the industry.

BlueTech Research logoBlueTech Research, a premier global provider of water technology market intelligence, screened nearly 1,000 papers to be presented at WEFTEC 2016.

They then created a curated selection of 100 papers that they believe to be the most relevant papers for those looking to keep their pulse on innovation in the water industry. BlueTech states:

“We analyse conference proceedings to identify key trends, hot topics and to gain commercial insights and support our research… to identify the truly impactful papers from the masses out there.”

Trojan Technologies is honoured that the following two papers to be presented at WEFTEC, have been selected by BlueTech as part of their Top 100.

Trojan Technologies – Top 100 Selected WEFTEC 2016 Papers

Wastewater Inactivation Using Peracetic Acid: Innovative Process Design, Optimization, And Control
Room 352, (Session 310 Evolving Wastewater inactivation Alternatives)
Tuesday, September 27th, 9:30 AM
Presenter: Siva Sarathy, Research Scientist, Trojan Technologies
Authors: S. Sarathy, A. Murray, P. Neofotistos, J. Walton, Y. Lawryshyn, D. Santoro
Company: Trojan Technologies, USP Technologies, University of Toronto

Development Of A Mainstream Anaerobic Treatment Process Using A Hybrid UASB Micro Sieve System
Room 339 (Session  206 Advanced Treatment Processes: Technology Innovation Forum)
Monday, September 26th, 3:30 PM
Presenter: Jose Jimenez, Brown and Caldwell
Authors: J. A. Jimenez, L. Bethke, M. Rattier, S. Hu, D. Santoro, S. Sarathy, L. Filmore, J. Willis, J. Keller, D. Batstone
Company: Brown And Caldwell, The University of Queensland, Trojan Technologies, WERF

September 22, 2016 | Trojan Technologies

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