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For the last 30 years, we’ve been obsessed about developing, implementing, and maintaining the water filtration systems that customers count on to perform like they need, for longer than they expect.

Now, as Aria Filtra™, we will stay true to who we are. Our passion for improving water quality and our pride in our craft have made us the trusted choice in water filtration. Going forward, we will continue to earn your trust by applying our expertise, proven technology, and durable solutions to ensure you have access to the high-quality water you need.

Together, Aria Filtra and Trojan Technologies share a commitment to delivering high-quality, high-performance, and long-lasting solutions that solve our customers complex water challenges. By joining Trojan Technologies, we can deliver:

  • Solutions that help you achieve your water quality goals
  • A better experience through shared systems and expertise
  • New innovations to address the water concerns of our changing world


Frequently asked questions

1. Why has Pall Water rebranded?

Pall Water was a division of Pall Corporation and part of Danaher Corp.’s Environmental & Applied Solutions (“EAS”) segment. As a result of Danaher’s intention to separate its EAS segment to create Veralto—an independent, publicly traded company—the Pall Water business was separated from Pall Corporation. The Pall Water business is now a division of Trojan Technologies Corporation and will be included in the Veralto spinoff (anticipated completion is fourth quarter 2023). Pall Corporation is not included in the Veralto spinoff and will remain a Danaher operating company.

This process required that we change our name: Pall Water became Aria Filtra. While change is never easy, we view this time as an opportunity to become an even stronger brand and build closer relationships with our customers, partners, and suppliers. Our commitment to our customers and to providing quality water filtration solutions remains steadfast.

2. Can I continue to work with the same sales, field service, engineers, and customer support staff?

Yes, our dedicated, knowledgeable, and experienced team remains the same. Our filtration experts will continue to be here to help you tackle your most complex water challenges. Please note, however, that your contacts’ email addresses will be changing to the domain. We are in the process of communicating this change to all third parties that we work with.

3. Will there be any changes to products and services?

No, Aria Filtra will continue to provide world-class water filtration solutions, including systems, services, parts, and mobile treatment units. All assets of the Pall Water business have been transferred to Aria Filtra, including equipment and intellectual property, so we can continue to provide the high-quality products and services you count on.

4. Will Aria Filtra still use Asahi membranes?

Yes, our systems will continue to feature Asahi membranes. You can trust that all membranes will be manufactured using the thermal process that imparts a higher level of strength, durability, and chemical resistance as compared to alternative membranes.

5. Can I still purchase Prelude filters and housings from Aria Filtra?

No, per our previous communication early this year to customers, we are not performing any sales or distribution of this product line, which is manufactured by Pall Corporation.

6. Will this change impact the warranty on my system?

No, except that if you are making a warranty claim regarding a Pall Water system or product, you will be contacting Aria Filtra.

7. How does this change impact my contract and billing processes?

You will receive contract updates and email notifications from Trojan Technologies following the rebrand announcement on August 24, 2023. Emails will come from domain, and emails will no longer work.

If you have any questions, please contact

8. Should I expect any service disruptions?

During the period of transition, we will do our best to prevent any disruptions and appreciate your patience as we go through it.


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