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Answering Your Water Reuse Questions

Answering Your Water Reuse Questions

UV and Water Reuse Treatment These days, utilities are facing constant pressure to protect workers and the public from chemical hazards, while reducing costs and increasingly sustainability. How to do this though? Here are our answers to many of the frequently asked...

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Liquid Sugar or Syrup UV Treatment

Food and Beverage manufacturers are striving to meet more stringent quality standards. By treating liquid sugar (often referred to as sugar syrups) with ultra-violet light, producers can achieve their treatment goals without the risk of discoloring or changing the...

World Water Day 2022

  Trojan Technologies raises awareness of groundwater issues in support of World Water Day 2022 LONDON, ON – Trojan Technologies, one of the world’s leading providers of municipal and residential drinking water treatment solutions, is recognizing the United Nations UN...

Why Dairy Producers Are Considering The Switch To UV Treatment

Recent advancements are making it more appealing than ever for the dairy industry to replace heat pasteurization in favor of ultraviolet inactivation to treat water for its production needs. Complying With the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO) To comply with the...