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The New York City Drinking Water UV Project

Today, the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) announced that Trojan Technologies was selected to be the supplier of the UV drinking water treatment system for the Catskill/Delaware UV Inactivation Facility. The current design calls for Trojan to supply 56 units, which will be capable of treating a total of up to 2.2 billion gallons per day, making this Trojan’s largest project to date and the largest UV drinking water facility in the world.

New York City is constructing the Catskill/Delaware UV Treatment Facility to treat source water from the Catskill and Delaware reservoirs, located more than 100 miles from the city. The UV systems will ensure that microorganisms in the water are rendered harmless, so they cannot cause disease. The treated water will be supplied to a population of over nine million people in the city and the surrounding area.

“We are very pleased to undertake this project with the New York City DEP and to continue our work with Hazen and Sawyer and CDM, Joint Venture, the engineering team for the project”, said Marvin DeVries, President, Trojan Technologies. “New York has taken a big step toward ensuring the continued quality of its citizens’ water supply and protecting them from the many diseases that can be caused by water-born microbes”.

Trojan was selected after a rigorous validation process which included Trojan building one full-size UV system designed for the project, which underwent performance tests at an independent test facility in Johnstown, NY. The New York City DEP also conducted an evaluation of the total life cycle costs of each proposed system, and found the Trojan system to be the most economical.

November 2, 2005 | TrojanUV

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