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Trojan Technologies President Marv DeVries Recognized By Chemistry Industry

Chemical Institute of Canada logoTrojan Technologies President, Marv DeVries, is honored to be recognized by the Chemical Institute of Canada (CIC)/Society for Chemical Industry (SCI) as an International Industry Leader.

He will be presented with the International Award (presented for outstanding contribution in the international sphere in the chemical science and engineering industries), at the Chemical Institute of Canada Awards ceremony in Toronto on Thursday, April 7, 2016.

The CIC Awards recognize contributions to research and the chemical sciences and engineering community of chemists, chemical engineers and chemical technologists.

CIC/SCI Canada Award Recipients

  • Canada Medal: John Blachford, H.L. Balachford Ltd
  • International Award: Marvin DeVries, Trojan Technologies
  • Kalev Pugi Award: Emily Moore, Hatch Engineering
  • LeSueur Memorial Award: Hamdy Khalil, Woodbridge Foam Corp.
  • Purvis Memorial Award: Vicki Sharpe, Sustainable Development Technology Canada

The CIC/SCI Canada Green, Clean and Sustainable Chemistry Seminar, featuring the award recipients and other industry leaders will precede the dinner. Speakers will focus on the theme “where science meets business”.

About the CIC/SCI Canada

Through its three Constituent Societies —including The Canadian Society for Chemistry (CSC)— the Chemical Institute of Canada (CIC) is committed to advancing the chemical sciences and engineering. The Canadian Society for Chemistry (CSC) is a national, not-for-profit, professional association that unites chemistry students and professionals who work in industry, academia and government.

March 8, 2016 | Trojan Technologies

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