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Can You See If Your UV Lamp Is Still Working?

Can You See If Your UV Lamp Is Still Working?

Ultraviolet (UV) light is electromagnetic radiation light just beyond the visible spectrum. That’s a very important point because it’s outside the visible light spectrum.  UV light is invisible to the naked eye. You can’t see it! A couple interesting points about UV...

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Trojan Technologies To Receive 2020 Corporate Icon Award

The London Chamber of Commerce’s Corporate Icon Award is presented to a corporation that has demonstrated particular excellence or achievement in business, making either an immediate impact on or a substantial long-term contribution to the economic progress of the...

UV Water Treatment Product Development & Commercialization

At WEFTEC 2019 in Chicago, Trojan Technologies President, Stephen Bell, took Water Online Editor, Kevin Westerling, on a tour of our booth. During the tour, Stephen discussed the importance of strategic research and development and also explained why the TrojanUVFlex®...

Water Testing Basics

If your water is supplied by a municipality, large or small, your water supply is tested routinely, at the source. However, many of the pipes buried beneath our cities have been in place since the introduction of wide-spread water treatment. This aged and, in many...